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A VR movie inspired by the famous painting by Edouard Manet

A machine for time travel, virtual reality transports you to the Folies Bergère at the end of the 19th century. Suzon, the barmaid with the enigmatic gaze at the centre of the painting, conceals mysteries that will be revealed through a dizzying waltz between the viewpoints of the different characters.


What can the pensive young woman be thinking about in this place dedicated to merriment and excess? What are the intentions of the intimidating, top-hatted man who addresses her and whose image is reflected in the mirror behind her? This experience invites you to participate in an investigation and come up with your own interpretation of the painting, one of the artist’s last great works. Immerse yourself in the troubling emotions conveyed by Suzon’s gaze – her eyes will lose nothing of their muted melancholy, but Suzon herself will seem even more familiar to you.

Liste technique et artistique
Format : Video 360°, in 3D animation, in relief and in binaural sound
Genre : Documentary
Duration : 5 min.
Director : Gabrielle Lissot
Writors : Gabrielle Lissot – Marianne Le Morvan
Coproducers : IKO & ARTE France
Voices : Jacques Gamblin, Christa Théret, Manuel Le Velly & Deniz Türkmen
Distributor : Lucid Realities

Liste technique et artistique


Festival Séries Mania 2018 - Selection
Cannes Next 2018 - Selection
Sandbox Immersive Festival 2018 - Selection
VR ARLES Festival 2018 - Selection
Viborg Animation Festival 2018 - Selection
Busan International Film Festival 2018 - Selection
Courant 3D 2018 - Selection
360 Film Festival 2018 - Selection
Geneva International Film Festival 2018 - Selection
Festival Anima 2019 - Selection
Festival National du Film d’Animation 2019 - Selection
Go Short 2019 - Selection
Master Of Art Film Festival 2019 - Selection
FIVARS 2019 - Selection
Festival dei Popoli 2019 - Selection
Torino Short Film Market 2019 - Selection
Leuven International Short Film Festival 2019 - Selection

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