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November 11, 1918

A virtual reality movie by Alexandre Perez, with Daniel Mesguich

November 11, 1918. 4 pm. Session 129.

Clemenceau proclaims the armistice at the National Assembly and free the world from the conflict that has been destroying it for 4 years. In front of him, animated by an immense joy and a formidable hope of peace, members of parliament, journalists, Parisians… And you.

SESSION 129 is a free interpretation of Georges Clemenceau’s speech, an immersive experience that invites you to feel, 100 years later, the indescribable fervor of this historical moment. You are in the room. You occupy the only position that allows you to be yourself, a time traveler.

You have to imagine the film’s point of view as a time probe that tries to find its way back to 1918. The image and the sound reveal themselves, evolve, become more detailed and refined as the discourse progresses. The revelation of the setting and those around you crystallizes the staging of the experience and leads to a playful reading of the work. Carried by Clemenceau’s voice and the reactions of the audience, real engines of the visual and sound narrative, the experience tries to re-establish a reality.

Liste technique et artistique
Direction : Alexandre PEREZ
Written with : Joffrey LAVIGNE
Production : Fabienne SERVAN SCHREIBER & David BIGIAOUI
Actor playing Georges Clemenceau : Daniel MESGUICH
Actor playing Lazare Weiller : Vincent NEMETH
Director of photography :  Thomas JACQUET
Post Production : Saint George Studio
Sound Creation : TAPE
Scan 3D Lidar and photogrammetry : BE4POST

Liste technique et artistique


``Georges Clémenceau, le courage de la République`` at the Panthéon (October 2018 - February 2019)

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