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A virtual reality experience by Marie Amachoukeli.

Hypno is a multi-faceted work by Marie Amachoukeli which takes over an experience that Mozart and the hypnotist Mesmer initiated over 200 years ago, through a new process and a contemporary narration. Combining virtual reality, original music and special scenography, Hypno takes the public into a completely different universe: the world of the hypnotic trance.

Thanks to Virtual Reality, generated by creative coding, the spectator is offered a total immersion in a world made of abstract and moving images and powerful sensory oxymorons. A spellbinding journey takes place over a period of 22 minutes, taking the viewer into a unique hypnosis experience during which he will be able to let his mind go and reinvent his perception of time and space. This experience combines two techniques, “classic” (with a virtual reality headset) and “in situ” (through scenographic work), and resonates with an enigmatic and welcoming sound and visual universe.

Duration: 22’
Format: film 360°
Director: Marie Amachoukeli
Music: Flavien Berger
Production: Opéra national de Paris, Les Films Pelléas, Bidibul productions et CC&C (Mediawan)
With the support of the Film Fund Luxembourg and the CNC