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A VR animated series by Marc Robinet

At the dawn of last century, Julius, a doctor in a psychiatric asylum, is a seasoned balloonist. Until one day, caught in the grip of a violent storm during a balloon ride with his daughter Lorann, she tragically falls overboard.
In a deep coma after the accident, Julius takes refuge in a dream world where he desperately tries to keep alive his daughter.
Meanwhile, his colleagues, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, try to bring him back to consciousness at all costs. They decide to perform a brand-new therapy developed by Albert, the hospital psychiatrist: penetrate Julius’ mind to make him accept the loss of his daughter and allow her spirit to return to reality. But that’s counting without Julius’ unconditional love for his daughter.
In his imaginary world, Lorann’s father, driven only by his obsession, has lost a great part of his faculties and appears simple-minded. Yet he remains the sole creator of this universe….
That is to say the equal of a god…
Dr Julius, now The Fool, will do the impossible to help his daughter in her adventures.
He may even have to manipulate the reality of the world he seeks to flee to achieve his ends.

VR animated series
Length: 2×25’
3D and stop-motion animation
All platforms
All public