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AROUND THE WORLD – In Magellan’s wake

An immersive exhibition by Brigitte Poupart
based on images by François de Riberolles

Just 500 years ago, a crew of 237 men spread over five ships set out from Seville in the Atlantic Ocean, heading west, towards the edge of the known world. Spearheading this expedition, the Portuguese captain Fernando de Magellan made an outrageous bet: he would find a passage through the American continent to reach the Pacific Ocean and reach India, on the other side of the world. The purpose of this great journey was to reach the Moluccan Islands in Indonesia, known as the Spice Islands, which were coveted by the rival kingdoms of Spain and Portugal. Three years later, on September 8, 1522, only 18 exhausted sailors returned to port aboard the only remaining ship, without their captain, after having achieved the greatest maritime feat of all time: sailing around the world, the first circumnavigation.

The exhibition “Around the World” invites you to discover this extraordinary journey in all its grandeur and drama, thanks to an immersive device combining set design, projections and a highly theatrical and interactive direction, bringing visitors at the heart of Magellan and his crew’s odyssey 500 years ago. This complex chronological narrative recounts the sailors’ emotional journey: from the political stakes and the hardships of life at sea, the wonder of encountering new lands and people, to the violence exacted against women and natives and the pervasiveness of death, visitors will be exposed to every facet to this incredible experience.

Duration: +/-60’
Languages: French | English
Format: Immersive exhibition
Exhibition director: Brigitte Poupart
Author and director of the documentary series: François de Riberolles
Executive producer: Lucid Realities
Co-producers:  Musée national de la Marine, Camera lucida productions
Distributor: Unframed Collection