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Embark on an adventure with the last survivor’s of Magellan’s trip!

On September 20, 1519, the Portuguese Ferdinand de Magellan weighed anchor under the Spanish banner at the head of an armada of five ships and 237 men. Their sole aim was to discover the western route that would lead the Spaniards to Asia, to prove that the Moluccan archipelago, where the precious clove spice is found in great abundance, was Spanish.

Three months later, he reached the American continent, discovered the strait that enabled him to reach the largest ocean in the world, which he called “Pacific”, and crossed it for the first time in history.

If Magellan did not survive this impossible voyage (he died on 27 April 1521), his fleet (what was left of it) reached Spain via the Cape of Good Hope, thus completing the first circumnavigation of the world.

The epic of this extraordinary voyage is the framework of our VR game. Magellan’s journey is a unique opportunity to transport players into unknown territory through a virtual reality game where the survival and success of our company depends on our ability to manage ourselves, and to make ourselves understood by communicating with our hands.

Length: 5 to 6 hours
Headset: standalone like Oculus Quest
Genre: adventure game using handtracking gameplay
A coproduction Lucid Realities, Camera lucida productions, Ink Studio
With the support of CNC