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A VR experience & 360° video directed by Camille Duvelleroy

You are Lady Sapiens. You were born 38 000 years ago. You are experiencing women’s place within a clan. And you have more surprises to come… No, women were not harvesting while men hunted.

Lady Sapiens, a documentary film produced in association with France Télévisions, sweeps away these clichés among others and offers to discover the true face of prehistoric women, leaning on the most recent scientific studies.

Lady Sapiens – The Virtual Reality Experience is based on the ­teachings of the film and offers a travelling through time, in the skin of a Sapiens woman. You will be a fine craftswoman, and even an huntress… Welcome to the Palaeolithic era!

Director: Camille Duvelleroy
Scientific advisor: Sophie Archambault de Beaune
Executive producer: Little Big Story
Production team: Ubisoft
Coproducers: Ubisoft, France Télévisions
Line producer: Lucid Realities
Distributor: Lucid Realities