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Experience the fifth symphony like never before

You’ve heard Beethoven’s fifth symphony before, but never like this. In this one-of-a-kind VR experience, the all-time classic is performed by insula orchestra under the direction of world renowned conductor Laurence Equilibrey, as notes fly through the air and the world around you twists and bends to match the ebb and flow of the Emperor’s masterpiece.

Beethoven 360 will make you feel like you’re listening to the fifth symphony for the first time all over again.

Journey into insula orchestra, a unique way to feel music.

Orchestra: Insula orchestra
Orchestral Conducting: Laurence Equilbey
Director: Ivan Maucuit
Co-writers: Blandine Berthelot, Ivan Macuit
Producers: Camera Lucida Productions, Insula orchestra, Neotopy – in association with ARTE Concert
Distributors : Lucid Realities