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An augmented reality project by
the creator of The Enemy, Karim Ben Khelifa

It was while filming THE ENEMY in Congo, his previous VR project, that Karim Ben Khelifa came up with the idea for SEVEN GRAMS.
Karim Ben Khelifa has discovered, ten years into his career as a war correspondent and photojournalist, that there is an unspoken moral contract that is established between the subject and the journalist. Why else would people accept to be photographed during some of the most difficult times of their lives? Do the people portrayed believe that journalism can have an impact on the events they are experiencing? For the last 5 years he has been experimenting with new ways of practicing journalism, using emerging media such as VR, AR and 360° soundscapes in order to find new ways to engage audiences. With SEVEN GRAMS, he wishes to provoke real awareness of the misdeeds inherent in this mineral trade in the DRC.

SEVEN GRAMS aims to bring the DRC’s tragedy straight to the smartphone that its mineral resources helped make via a free AR app on both IOS and Android systems. Through AR sequences, and an animated film, SEVEN GRAMS offers an entirely new way for people to understand the human cost that went into producing their smartphones.

More informations on the website www.sevengrams.org

Art concept and animation: TT Hernandez
Research and Fact Checking : Quentin Noirfalisse
Original Music and Sound Artistic Direction : Franck Weber
With Corentin Fila & Tk Russell as Chance
3D graphics and development : Novelab
Produce by : Lucid Realities
Executive producer: Chloé Jarry
A coproduction France Télévisions, Think-Film, POV American Documentary
With the support of CNC & La Région Occitanie
Distribution: Lucid Realities

Artistic team

Prix Bayeux des correspondants de guerre 2021

Awards & Festival

PRIX EUROPA 2021 - Special commendation - Online Media Projects
FIPA DOC - Impact Lab 2020
IDFA DocLab - Pitching session 2019