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A spectacular immersive journey
directed by François de Riberolles

Since the dawn of time, the fates of the Earth and the Moon have been intertwined. Both a biological pendulum and a universal reference point for all civilisations, the Moon seems to dictate the rhythm of all life on Earth. The star who plays the heartbeat of the oceans is also an unrivalled source of fascination for humankind. She who changes face every night has inspired human beings in their quest for knowledge about nature and themselves, all the while bolstering their imagination

A night under the full Moon takes us on a magical odyssey across four billion years of evolution, at the crossroad of reality and myth. In the fashion of a scientific tale, the immersive film (360° projection) unveils the diverse chapters of a unified story… The story of a planet that could not have survived without the Moon.

Duration: 45’
Languages: English | French
Format: 360° projection
Director: François de Riberolles
Editor: Nicolas Weyrich
Original music: Stéphane Lopez, arrangements d’après la musique originale du documentaire « Lune »
Voice: Cécile Brune
Design: Samy Bardet
Executive producer: Lucid Realities
Coproducer: Camera lucida productions
Distributor: Unframed Collection

Jam Capsule (France / 2023)