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Condemned to play and Mozart 360 are now available on WITHIN

Our 360 movies Condemned to Play and Mozart 360 are now available on Within.

Condemned to play, directed by Andrés Jarach and Gordon – Written by Marie Sellier, plunges the spectator into the painting “Die Kinderspiele” created by Bruegel, one of the most famous Dutch painters. Adapted to all ages, joyous and surprising, « Condemned to Play » reanimates this 500-years-old masterpiece.

Mozart 360 is a 3 parts immersive experience with the Insula Orchestra and Laurence Equilbey of Mozart’s mass filmed in the flamboyant gothic cathedral of Saint-Omer in France.



Founded in 2014, Within is an innovative company that aims to expand the potential of immersive storytelling. They company creates, acquires, and distributes premium AR & VR experiences across web, mobile, console and headsets. With their deep expertise in multi-media narrative, they create tools, formats and proprietary software to differentiate its original content and enable future immersive media creators.