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An AR & VR experience by Elise Morin

SPRING ODYSSEY is an AR & VR immersive diptych centered on the invisibility of radioactivity and the inaccessibility of bodies in the red forest area, located 1 km from the Chernobyl power plant.

SPRING ODYSSEY VR is a sensitive experience which intimately links science, art, technology and philosophy in an installation set-up offering a space between reality and virtuality. It invites you to embrace the surprising experience to caress and dance with an irradiated plant: the M_plant, a mutant plant born from the collaboration of Elise Morin and the biologist Jacqui Shykoff, which specificity is to make visible the invisible radiations. 

Using the real and virtual M-plant as an interface, you are invited to become one with the red forest, thus discovering its specificities, the fictional melting pot it embodies, and the answers which may lie in this open-air laboratory. 

Answers to our contemporary questions may hide there: how can we co-exist on a damaged Earth? how can we tame the invisibility of high levels of radioactivity and learn resilience? Resistance to radioactivity is one of the conditions for life in a “Planet B”, should we look to the sky?

The experience is intended to be enriched in the months to come, to become a multi-users experience.

Through a dialogue between wind and radioactivity co-written with Sabrina Calvo, SPRING ODYSSEY AR invites you to meet and interact with the M_plant, a kind of natural Geiger counter which ability to make visible the radiations by nature invisible is evidenced by the golden spots that dot its foliage resulting from its DNA mutation induced by its exposure at the heart of the red forest.

At the end of Elise Morin’s Art & Science approach, the M_Plant appears, to be trapped in an interstitial world, half way between real and virtual: the augmented reality experience invites you to participate in her liberation.

The AR experience is designed to accompany the VR experience and Elise Morin’s exhibitions.

Format : Virtual Reality
Genre : art
Duration : 15 minutes
Director : Elise Morin
Creative technologist : Vincent Malizia
Scientific collaboration : Jacqui Shykoff, Timothy Mousseau, Emmanuele Coccia
Production :
Lucid Realities
Producer: Chloé Jarry
Head of productions: Alexandrine Stehelin
Tulipes & Cie Production
Producer: Charles Drouin
Coproduction : France Télévisions
With the support of CNC-Dicréam & La Diagonale Paris-Saclay 
Format : Augmented Reality
Genre : art
Length : 5 minutes
Director : Elise Morin
Narrative design: Sabrina Calvo
Artistic and technical collaboration, experience design: Riverman Studio
Sound design and creation: Nadège Feyrit
French and English voice: Elodie Huber

Scientific collaboration: Jacqui Shykoff
Production :
Lucid Realities
Producer: Chloé Jarry
Head of productions: Alexandrine Stehelin
Assistant of production: Clélie Chassignet
Tulipes & Cie Production
Producer: Charles Drouin

With the support of CNC-Fonds Expériences Numériques, Stereolux/Scopitone and ESME
SPRING ODYSSEY AR // Picture 1, 3 : © Elise Morin – Scopitone 2021 – Picture 2 : © David Gallard – Scopitone 2021

Premiere at Stereolux - 19th edition of the Scopitone Festival - Exhibition Hyper Nature (Nantes, September 2021)
Nature Re-Connexion - ESME (Paris, 10th - 12th March 2022)
Official selection at South by Southwest - SXSW (2023)


Selection - XR FINANCING MARKET (Paris, 9 - 13 June 2021)
``Coup de coeur`` Special Jury Prize - Recto VRso - Festival International d'art Numérique in the frame of Laval Virtual (Laval, 12 - 17 Avril 2022)

SPRING ODYSSEY VR // Picture 1 : © Pierre Gondard – Picture 2 : © Pierre Gondard – Picture 3 : © Élise Morin – Picture 4 : © Pierre Gondard

Chroniques, Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques (Marseille, November 2020 - January 2021).
Le Hublot - Festival Artifice (Nice, November 2021)
CAC La Traverse in partnership with the !POC! in the frame of Némo - Biennale Internationale des Arts Numériques de la Région Île-de-France (Alfortville, December 1st - 5th 2021)
Recto VRso - Laval Virtual (April 2023)