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A VR Artwork by Jeanne Susplugas

I will sleep when I’m dead: these few words that I borrow from Bon Jovi say a lot about my work, about the brain and our thoughts, so difficult to tame. Thanks to the “techno-magic” of virtual reality, the visitor dives into a cranial cavity, among neurons and synapses. The visitor gets lost into an infinite labyrinth and crosses “thoughts”, materialized by drawings looking like pictograms. It is an intimate face to face, almost psychoanalytic which introduces a unique and intense experience. Immersed in the tortuous, sometimes foggy, brain, the spectator will follow, at his convenience, several trips related to his thoughts. By following several narratives, everyone will be free to experience their own mental journey.

The project will be presented as an installation, a theatrical decor that could adapt to many spaces, as it would be a stand-alone module.

Optimized for Oculus Quest
Length : 7’
Line producer: Julie Miguirditchian
Coproduced by Notoryou Edis – Chroniques production – Festival ON
With the support of DICREAM —Bourse Orange XR — Institut français —
VR Arles festival
Distribution: Lucid Realities

Artistic team

Winner of BOURSE OrangeXR
VR ARLES RESIDENCY co-organized by the VR Arles festival and the Institut français