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An immersive setup by Gordon
around a musical creation by the Apaches
directed by Julien Masmondet

Ça vous dérange? VR is a virtual reality experience that explores the multifaceted nature of our relationships with the living world and invites us to listen to the world in a different way.

The work created by Gordon, co-produced by Lucid Realities and Les Apaches, offers the discovery of a musical creation directed by Julien Masmondet, composed of five original contemporary works, within a narrative and sensory experience combining 180° stereoscopic real-time shooting, motion design, and binaural sound (spatialized), inspired by the story of Maurice the rooster.

Initially the source of a simple neighborhood dispute, like so many others, the proud rooster was destined to bring to light the antics of the opponents in a simmering conflict between city dwellers and rural inhabitants, whether they chose to exploit, inhabit, defend, or admire “nature.”

Perceived as a nuisance by some, Maurice became a symbol of threatened rural life for others. The media, as well as the justice system, took up his case. Despite all obstacles, our rooster was acquitted, and with him, the tractors, bees, frogs, and the entire joyful symphony that accompanies them daily.

This symbolic decision paved the way for the promulgation of a law concerning the protection of the sensory heritage—sound and olfactory—of rural areas.

A law that Ça vous dérange ? chooses to pay tribute to, in order to better question its relevance and stakes in a poetic and humorous manner throughout the fabulous journey that transformed our rooster from a pest into a muse.

Lenght: 12′
Languages: French
Format: Linear VR experience
Supported headset: Standalone headsets
A VR experience created by Gordon
Executive production: Lucid Realities, Les Apaches
Producers: Chloé Jarry, Alexandrine Stehelin
Production Manager: Emma Genet
360° Stereoscopic Shooting and Editing: Christian Esteves-Vallée
Artistic and Musical Director, Conductor: Julien Masmondet
General Administration and Distribution: Emilie Le Bouffo
Production and Coordination Manager: Valentine Brochet
Composers: Pascal Zavaro, Fabien Cali, Elise Bertrand, Nigji Sanges, Fabien Touchard
Audio-Naturalist Composer: Fernand Deroussen
Partnership with Opéra de Limoges