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PARIS 1900

Using archive footage from the Lumière, Gaumont, Pathé and Lobster films, Paris 1900 takes us on a journey back in time.

It’s the story of that “belle époque”, the era of great technological advances that began with the invention of the cinematograph, the Universal Exhibition, a time when “modernity” was invented in art, when movement and light were captured to tell stories, when means of transport were revolutionized, when male/female relationships were even questioned with Marguerite Durand.

An era that came to a dramatic end on August 24, 1914, with the departure of young people for the front.

Lenght: 45’
Languages: French | English
Format: Film 360°
Director: François de Riberolles
Executive production: Lucid Realities
Co-producers: CPB Films
Distributor: Unframed Collection