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An immersive virtual reality expedition

by Jarach & Gordon

We put on the headset…

Let’s embark on a collective journey through time and space, between the United States and France. Guided successively by a small animated statue, Liberty, and then by a young girl who crossed the Atlantic in search of a better life, Augustine. With them, we will follow the history of the Statue of Liberty and understand how it became a symbol. First, a symbol of Franco-American friendship, then a symbol of America’s protection, and finally a symbol of hope for a better world: one that is more welcoming, fairer, and freer.

Our expedition begins on the day of the inauguration. The excitement of the celebration. We travel back in time to late 19th-century France to follow the conception and construction of the statue by its creators: the sculptor and the engineer. We cross the Atlantic again with the Statue of Liberty en route to its final destination, New York. During the journey, the ship carrying the statue in pieces becomes a vessel filled with European migrants. Time has passed. The Statue of Liberty stands on the horizon. We arrive at Ellis Island and discover turn-of-the-century New York. The New York of immigrants.

It’s a period when newspapers reign supreme. In France and America, they dominate the information landscape. It’s the birth of a new world, the world of the press. Throughout the expedition, we will immerse ourselves in a world of newspapers, typography, archival photos, paintings, and engravings. The archives come to life. We experience them firsthand. It’s fascinating. Liberty is a historical, magical, and moving journey. The story of this expedition is the story of the birth of the Statue of Liberty and the birth of a symbol…

We take off the headset.

Length: +/- 45′
Languages: French
An immersive virtual reality expedition by Jarach & Gordon
Executive producers: Lucid Realities