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A multiuser VR fictional experience for 5 participants directed by Mathieu Pradat

Life seems to smile on Amélie, a talented young woman in her thirties.

When she commits suicide, everyone is in shock. From different times in their lives, those who loved her remember.

Her gesture changed her mother Renée, her best friend Fabrice, her sister Cécile, her father Jean-Pierre and her uncle Roland’ lives forever. Each character tells you his side of the story, allowing you to access his secrets and the presence(s) he still carries long after she’s gone.

Depending on your choice of a character, listening to his intimate story, your perspective on Amélie’s story will not be the same.

Sharing your experience and confronting point of views is at the core of this project. 

Will this dive into the memories of those who intimately knew her lead you all to the same understanding of the circumstances that led to her tragic ending?

Duration: +/- 30’
Languages: French | English
Format: 6DoF standalone headset & multi user
Supported headsets: TBD Credits
Director: Mathieu Pradat
Executive producer: Lucid Realities
Distributor: Unframed Collection