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SEVEN GRAMS awarded at SIMA 2023

Lucid Realities is honoured to announce that the AR experience Seven Grams has been awarded with a Special Jury Mention in the Documentary XR / Interactive Category of SIMA Awards 2023. 

The annual Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA) are the official global media competition of SIMA Studios, a non-profit impact media agency.

SIMA’s goal is to advance global awareness, social justice, human rights and education by supporting independent content creators and media artists on the front-lines of social change and bringing their work into communities and classrooms around the globe.

Seven Grams is an augmented reality experience that invites users, primarily from Generation Z, to discover the link between their smartphone and the often life-threatening conditions in which the rare earth minerals needed to make it are extracted, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The experience, directed by Karim Ben Khelifa (The Enemy) and co-produced by Lucid Realities, France Télévision, POV-Spark and Think Film won a Special Jury Mention in the Documentary XR / Interactive Category.